About Us


       In 2010, Serra Terra was founded and enter in the Lawn and Gardening products market. In Italian, Serra means Greenhouse, Terra means Earth. We can move the garden bed, garden cart or other garden tool in the greenhouse, it's like a small garden. What's more, plants need moisture, warmth and light to grow, so greenhouse can help them grow better, so let the earth more beautiful. This is also our goal, BUILD THE WORLD GREENER~

      Serra Terra as a brand in the US to bring the highest quality product delivering huge value in categories including Yard Outdoor, Outdoor Shade & Structures, Gardening Decor, Camping Living, and DIY Building accessories. Serra Terra will strive to discover, engage, earn, and expand our customer base through innovation, safety, stability, and best in class customer service to make our customers brand ambassadors for Serra Terra and our retailer partners.


       Domestic warehouses in the greater Los Angeles area allows Serra Terra to provide fulfillment for our brands to customers looking to manage their inventory levels while taking care of their customer’s needs. These facilities located in Ontario, CA and Corona, CA total 200,000 square feet of space. The fully insured facilities equipped with burglar and fire protection systems in